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5 advantages of telemedicine!

Telemedicine is the future of medicine. Well, we have been hearing about it from a long time but Covid 19 seems to make sure it has finally arrived. But, is countering covid is the only advantage of telemedicine? Let’s explore:

1. Reach – From the beginning of the 20th century to till date healthcare has come a long way in its reach. We now have many PHCs (Primary Healthcare Clinics) even in rural areas. But while they have not reached the remotest areas, the quality at the PHCs are still not good enough in the areas to which these have reached. With penetration of smartphones and internet, a better quality of healthcare may reach easily to even the remotest areas.

2. Saves time – Visiting hospitals or clinics requires a lot of investment in terms of time which includes travelling as well as the waiting time at the health centers. A telemedicine approach can spare a patient from visiting hospitals at least in follow-up consultations. This will save a lot of time for the patient.

3. Transparency and accountability – Telemedicine consultation will ensure the medical data related to a consultation is recorded and accessible to the patient. This will make healthcare practices more transparent and accountable.

4. Convenience – Visiting a doctor requires travelling to hospitals and sometimes these travel include inter-city or inter-state travels. Also, we need to take at the least a day off from work to see a doctor. In cases where in-person visit is not necessary, one may consult a doctor online saving a lot of inconvenience.

5. Shield from hospital acquired infection – While there has always been a risk of acquiring infections from hospitals, we have never realized it so much before Covid. An online consultation would shield us from acquiring infections from hospitals and clinics.

It’s not that telemedicine will replace conventional healthcare practice completely. Also, telemedicine is not a replacement. It’s role is more of an augmentation to the current healthcare practices.

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