• Paddy Roy

Blood Pressure : 12 questions you should ask your doctor!

All of us visit doctors for various ailments but many of us may not know the right questions to ask. Well, at least for BP there is a set of questions that you should ask your doctor:

  1. How often should I measure my blood pressure?

  2. How can I measure my blood pressure outside the doctor’s office?

  3. What do I need to know about correctly measuring my blood pressure?

  4. What foods or drinks should I have or avoid to help me keep a healthy blood pressure?

  5. What types of physical activity are right for me to do on a regular basis?

  6. If I need to start taking blood pressure medicine, what type is best for me?

  7. I am currently taking blood pressure medicine. Do I need to adjust my dose or try a new type? How is my progress?

  8. What are the possible side effects of my current or new medicines?

  9. How often should I refill my medicine?

  10. What time of day should I take my blood pressure medicine?

  11. Should I take it with or without food?

  12. What should I do if I forget to take my blood pressure medicine?

(Source : CDC)

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