• Paddy Roy

The 5 new normals of healthcare

Well, we all know and talk about the new normal. Many among us also have visualizations of the new normal in work culture, Govt. policies, economy, healthcare etc. While being intrigued about it on one hand and working on boxMD on the other, I decided to discover the new normal in healthcare. During the process I talked to few medicos and some patients. Based on my research, I believe following will be the 5 normals of the new normal:

1. Telemedicine

Telemedicine while being an effective medium in the times like Covid19, it will have long lasting advantages. Digitization of healthcare has some clear advantages: minimal contact treatments, much wider accessibility to good doctors, much better monitoring of health programs and so on.

2. Doctors as a brand

With many online consulting apps and portals, the popularity of doctors will rise. People

will flock for good rated doctors and not for the popular hospitals. Gone will be the days when doctors needed to associate to the brand Hospital to do better in career.In short, hospitals will be seen stepping down the throne and Doctors will be the new kings!

3. Tech 2.0 of healthcare

We will see huge infusion of funds for developing technologies which will minimize the challenges of telemedicine. For example - There would be attempts to bring in IoT to even the most basic equipment like stethoscope, virtual reality for better diagnosis, biosensors and trackers etc.

4. Rise of ethical practices

With Telemedicine and innovations driving the health sector, transparency will increase in healthcare. It will also be difficult for the hospitals to pressurize the brand doctor to bring in more revenue. These factors will lead to sanitation of healthcare practices and hence the rise of ethical practices.

5. Real Swacch Bharat

While the much celebrated drive has produced decent results so far, the effect that covid19 will have on it will be unprecedented. The covid will bring subconscious changes in hygiene habits of people – making India clean for real.

It may be the worst time of our lives but the new normal will make healthcare better equipped for future calamities.

(Written by Padmakar Roy)

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