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User interview # 2 : patient side

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing great!

Btw, I am Padmakar Roy, co-founder of boxMD. BoxMD is a telemedicine product which on one side empowers patients, on the other equips doctors for a better diagnosis.

And we have been constantly in touch with the users about their challenges and expectations in the healthcare ecosystem.

Pursuing this objective, I have a guest here to understand his perspective.

Vineet Garg is a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of South Carolina. Currently, he is working under Home Ministry, the Govt. of India. But these are not his definitions, these are just tags. The Homo Sapiens, Vineet Garg, is a great storyteller. He writes beautiful simple stories and poems with which anyone can connect easily.


BoxMD: As a patient, what are your major concerns about healthcare in general? (Something which is not specific to a particular doctor or hospital)?

Vineet Garg: On the top of my mind, my concern while consulting a doctor is about the credibility of the doctor. Health is a very important subject, so I want to be sure that I get a good treatment and I am not conned for unnecessary procedures or tests. Hence the concern about the credibility.

I often depend on my friends and family for references. Mostly, such references haven’t disappointed me.

Besides credibility, the cost of the treatment is also important to me. Not that I want something cheap, I just want my treatment to be value for money.

BM: In the recent past, is there any particular development in healthcare that you appreciate?

VG: Well, there are a lot of apps for buying medicines, booking diagnostic tests. Also, you can consult doctors through certain apps.

BM: Would telemedicine be able to address any of the concerns you mentioned in the answer to Q1?

VG: I can give you some examples. Through telemedicine, I can consult a doctor during odd hours. Also, sometimes you don’t feel comfortable discussing some problems with doctors when you are seeing them in-person. Telemedicine would be helpful in such situations.

BM: Now, what are your concerns about telemedicine, if any?

VG: Telemedicine is helpful to an extent. You may consult a doctor online by paying the consultation fees but you may not get any idea about the entire cost of the treatment. Also, there would be reviews to check the credibility of a doctor but I would depend more on reviews from my network.

BM: Would you consider telemedicine to consult a doctor?

VG: See, if I have some serious issue, I will definitely like to see a doctor. But that fortunately, that is not something that happens every day. But for issues other than those kinds, I would prefer consulting a doctor online.

Also, in case of follow-up consultation and second opinions, I would like to use the telemedicine option.

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