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User interview #3: doctor's side

In our pursuit to fully grasp the needs of our users (doctors and patients), this time we reached out to a few doctors. In one such instance we interviewed Dr. Ankit Jain, a young, enthusiastic and successful physician, who is actively practicing Family Medicine in Delhi.

(Please find an excerpt from our in-depth interview of Dr. Jain regarding his take on telemedicine)

BoxMD (BM): Can you mention one of the most frequent challenge you encounter while seeing you patients in-person?

Dr. Ankit Jain (Dr): Sure. Although there are numerous challenges that come to my mind when it comes to in-person consultation, but as we all are dealing with an unforeseen situation these days, so I will focus on COVID. It's a big challenge to see the patients in person during the times of COVID, as both the patients and myself are apprehensive about safety of each other.

BM: I can totally understand. So, how do you and your patients overcome this challenge, or I must say, concern? Do your patients call you and request you to advise them over phone?

Dr: Yes, a lot of patients call for advice during this COVID-19 pandemic and they ask for advice over the phone itself.

BM: Do you think it is a good alternative to in-person appointments? Why/Why not?

Dr: Absolutely, consultation over the phone is a good alternative because it is convenient for both patient and the doctor. Video call can be easily used to look at the patient and to examine a lot of things. Even a normal call can many times solve a patient's immediate need.

BM: Would you want to move a part of your patient appointments online, on a regular basis?

Dr: Sure, a part of patient consultations can be moved online.

BM: Will you be willing to take out a few hours of your schedule for telemedicine on daily basis?

Dr: Yes, few hours can be easily taken out on a routine basis for telemedicine consultations.

BM: I think that is enough for this time. We could soon be coming up with the prototype of an application and would be requesting you to test it. It would be exciting to get your feedback on it, and whether is has/has not successfully overcome the challenges you mentioned. Thank you, again.

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